Los Alamos

Things happen in our world by chance.  (At least that’s the way we look at it.)  The thing to do is be ready for it.  There is a citizen in this community whom I enjoy meeting, but I only meet her by chance.  I had something important to tell her, but I don’t call up other women.

My wife is my joy; but I did meet the other woman and I was ready.  I delivered my message with success, and the outcome was good.  Things work out when we  have God’s interests at heart.  At least that’s what I had in mind, and He doesn’t play games with us.

The whole thing was a coincidental happening that left me dizzy, it was so quick and efficient.  I have said before I think God plays with chance the way the atomic scientists did at Los Alamos.  (Translate that name as The Poplars, the first tree to have its DNA computed.)

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