How We Won

The winner at last November’s elections was Judaeo-Christian forbearance in the face of adversity.  Any unbiased observer could tell that with pandemic conditions at the time, we had a looser election than any time in history.  We had almost a month of days to vote, and in some cases more ballots cast than people.  Texas and twenty states took cases to the Supreme Court.  Perhaps thinking of a civil war, the Court denied them.

So the man who saved us was born just a little over 2,000 years ago, and his attitude prevailed.  We are not now in the situation of Venezuela, or even Cuba.  We are the nation founded on Judaeo-Christian principles by men like George Washington.  It is advisable not to dispute that.

If we continue to be that “city” on a hill mentioned by the Bible, it will be because we remain true to that man who preached Judaeo-Christian principles two thousand years ago.  Song and history celebrate him.

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