During World War II, there were a thousand things that could go wrong on the assembly line for making war goods; the assembly workers had a name for these devils who accomplished these flaws==gremlins.  I had plenty of devils to contend with, but I worked (prayed) so hard to get my brother into heaven, and I think I finally succeeded.

He died alone in a Covid 19 room, but he was good at doing things alone.  He got little help from us on his way to his Ph.D., but he did it, with two Masters’ degrees to boot.  The gremlins were coaxing him at his bedside.  “You’ve got your firearm collection at home; don’t put up with this coronavirus,” they coaxed.  He remained adamant.

This time I did help.  A rosary a day, and he went peacefully.  Some saint said it succinctly: For the greater glory of God. He helps to the end.

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