The CCP (Chinese Communist Party)

No good comes of nothingness, and Karl Marx’s writings, through their atheism, the denial of humankind’s age-long search, amount to nothingness.  Russia’s Communism was in power for seventy years, a long time for nothingness.  Our present President’s willingness to oblige the CCP reflects his own uncertainty about the existence of God (Faux Catholicism).

How long does the CCP have, before it, too, goes the way of the Soviets?  I would wager about the same time that the Soviets had.  We are in an age of instant communication, of populism, of good intentions, and the CCP is dealing with Hong Kong, that burning torch of Judaeo-Christian values, with rough persecution.  It will not pay off.

True, China does not have the country-wide Christian base that Russia had, and it has a compromised media.  I withhold my judgment.  The media is not all-powerful, and we have to wait and see.  May the Holy Spirit inspire some influential Chinese.

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