Life and Nothingness

Why does Jesus emphasize loving God with your whole heart and soul?  Don’t we love our children, our spouses that way?  Why the deity, too?  Because as humans, that is the only way we’ll stay faithful, and that is necessary, even in the breach, for salvation.  True, Christ came for the lost, but even the lost who return love God to the utmost.

He deserves that.  Anything less than what you’ve been given is nothingness for you.  You were not given nothingness, you were given life and a fullness thereof.  Don’t compare yourself to those who have more; compare yourself to the birds who sing with joy every day.  They know what they have, and it’s more than nothingness.

It is useless to be rich and to live in fear of losing it.  Or to be talented and not know it.  To enjoy life you have to be conscious of it.

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