The Human Condition

The Police are humans, too.  During the time when twelve black prisoners were killed, among them George Floyd, twenty-six whites were also killed in police custody.  But nobody mentioned that.  The police were called racists.   I got this information from an Epoch Times article of March 13, 2021, “Who Are the Real Racists?  A Mom’s Research.”

I watched the videos of the young cop who kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck. He wasn’t trying to kill the captive; he was keeping him quiet so they could put handcuffs on him.  George Floyd had a rap sheet.  That means he was a criminal, liable to do what criminals do.  Who knew he would die?  Now this young cop may have to go to prison and eat with criminals who hate his guts.

If there are enough moral jurors on his trial, he may be spared.  But jurors, like journalists, cooks, writers, police, come good and bad, and who knows what that cop will get? 

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