Current Problems

Are you disappointed in what is happening in America?  Did you ever think all this fighting over race and sexuality was foreign-inspired?  Well, BLM and the leads of the Jan. 6 “riot” were paid or inspired by communist cadre, who want to see America disintegrate.

What communists, you ask.  Russian communism is dead, as is the Soviet bloc, which leaves the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) to encourage the hip-pocket dictators in Cuba, Venezuela, and anti-American Iran and North Korea.  Of all these, which one is capable of mounting a sustainable campaign against us?

One country that escaped communism at the beginning (1917) was Switzerland.  The communists persuaded the watch factory workers in that tiny republic to call a general strike.  The Swiss cantons called out their citizen Army, but they knew many of the factory workers were in the Army, so they called out the farmer divisions.  The farmer-soldiers had no patience with the city factory workers, and set up machine-gun emplacements, from which they finally opened fire.  That was the end of the strike.

The city-dwellers in America need a wake-up to what is destroying this country.  Sure, our black citizens were once slaves, but if you go back far enough, we all were.  No need to revert to those days.

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