Hate Life to Gain It

He said some hard things, but the most mysterious is the one about hating this life to find it.  As a teacher, I remember loving it when I could make a lesson fun.  But then there were the endless nights of correcting compositions, no fun at all, but they were what paid off in the end.  The kids learned more about life and I gritted my teeth.

Yes, some of the bitterest lessons I learned did me good.  That’s not all of them, but some things I had to learn the hard way.  And learning is the key to life, as well as life eternal.  It’s not always hateful, but the reward is way out of proportion to the input.

Hey, I believe a living composite such as man is meant to live forever, and I just happen to admire the man who gave us Christmas by being born in a stable.  Try to outdo that for teaching centuries of children.  You know, he’s certainly lived for two thousand years.

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