Eternal Life

The other day I asked a neighbor, “Do you believe in life after death?”  She laughed.  It probably sounded to her like the line from the TV Laugh-in,  “Do you believe in the hereafter?”  They had a great time with what he was hereafter.  I didn’t mind.  It would be lovely to meet her in a life after death.

We don’t take Christ’s words seriously enough to warrant eternal life.  Yet Christianity is what brought the Judaeo-Christian outlook into the Twenty-first Century. And somehow you can’t separate our science and Weltanschauung from it.  Our customs, our culture, are dependent on that outlook.

So I choose to believe.  Would I believe if I had gone into science the way I planned?  Christ pity me if I had done with my spiritual life what a few scientists have done with theirs.

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