Philip Roth

Philip Roth did his best with what he had, but secular society can be somewhat arbitrary in its judgments.  I, on the contrast, had almost no fame, but no misgivings about how I treated women, or how I viewed them in my innermost psyche.  You see, I was in on the intimate sayings of the Redeemer, something Philip almost caught in his desire to be a full-fledged American.    

The advice I took saved me not only from adultery, but from hurting some beautiful young female with the sobriquet of a kept woman or worse.  I love the freedom of innocence.

I don’t recall any of Roth’s writings, but it hurts to hear he left no children.  I know my writings are no assurance of some kind of literary immortality, and his may, in some opinions, not be either.  But the mental trials he endured to reach earthly fame may be worth an enduring kingdom.     

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