Mario Cuomo Judged

Mario Cuomo spent too much time reasoning (rationalizing) and not enough time praying.  The results were, first, a meticulously reasoned why he could be a pro-abortion governor and a good Catholic at the same time.  The other result was a morally confused oldest son, Andrew, who signed the abortion bill allowing the killing of late-term children with a laugh.

Reasoning, a highly developed human skill, is not the end-all of human ability.  Ironically, it was through science that we proved reason is only a part of the reality of the Almighty.  How did we do that?  We discovered and waded through Quantum Mechanics.  Touché, you rationalists!

Prayer, by definition, is the humble lifting of the soul to God.  Many great thoughts and reasons have come to me through prayer, and I highly recommend it as a sharpening of the intellect.  My favorite?  The rosary.

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