A Cannabis Caution

He invented 42-oxorapamycin, a drug which is used to keep the body from rejecting donated organs, extend the life of mammals, and other medical effects.  His name was Gregory F. Von Burg, and he was my oldest son.  He has about eight patents in the rapamycin family.  We lost God’s gift because another human being introduced Greg to cannabis (pot) which affected his mind, bringing on death.

I find it hard to believe there are lawmakers so ignorant they want to make pot accessible to the public.  Do they know what kind of problem this presents to the police with auto drivers impaired by this drug?  And what of the families affected by the resulting auto crashes?

The State of Virginia has already done this, and who knows how the calamity takes shape?  It will develop slowly.  Up to now the primary users have been adolescents, but as it gets into the older citizens, humanity will suffer—as usual.

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