Winning a Long Shot

What a race!  This year’s Kentucky Derby was won by Medina Spirit, a 12-1 favorite, but the second horse was Mandaulaen (that’s how they spelled it), favored at odds of 26=1.  For a horse with such a slim chance to come in second shows some of the pleasing anomalies of life.

It’s not all stacked against us; we have a chance of winning too! We don’t have to win the lottery to prove this.  Every day brings some small favor, which can turn out to be something important.  A chance meeting on the train may mean a new job, a new income, a new life.  OF course, you can’t count on that, otherwise it wouldn’t be chance.

God-given are many of the instincts and inclinations that guide us.  Many of the people we know are gifts from above.  So make the most of it; pray for an alert mindset, an optimistic outlook.

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