Memorial Day in Europe

The Swiss, far from the beaches of Normandy, came to see D-Day in a new light.  They found out that the German High Command had decided to withdraw their troops from the Russian front to use them in an invasion of Switzerland in the fall of 1944.  D-Day put an end to those plans, and saved the Swiss, who had relied on their Alpine redoubts and savvy mountain tactics to discourage such foolery. 

They found this out after the war, and speaking to one of my uncles, who was driving an aging Alfa-Romeo, I asked, “What kind of car are you getting for your next one?”

He looked at me with wizened eyes.  “It’s going to be an American car.  Perhaps a Ford.”

How was Switzerland able to outlast WWII so long?  God, in his foreknowledge, provides for all of us, in this  case — the Alps.

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