I am so grateful that the good Lord has provided me with the needs of life so that I have time to appreciate the beauty of his creation.  As an amateur artist in my early life, I not only came to admire clouds, spring flowers, paintings by Raphael, Michelangelo, music by Rossini, Verdi, Franz Gruber, the women in the popular and fashion magazines (yes, some actresses, despite worldly foibles, are attractive physically) and these were all the results of His evolution and creation.

But enough; we know we are in a world of beauty.  Do we show the respect all this deserves?  We take too much for granted.  Not only do we have these things and people for a lifetime, but the good Lord sent his only Son to bring us an eternity of it.  Many are the nay sayers, but their voices are weak compared to the centuries of our civilization.

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