A Wise Son

My youngest son, formerly a bank vice president, is now CEO of PergolaKits, USA, with four employees.  Today I heard him talking with a Southern customer who had bought a pergola, and now wanted to get a pavilion (a pergola with a roof).  My son explained that a two-inch concrete base for the pergola was insufficient for a pavilion.

Adding a roof to a pergola doubles the stress on the stanchions, because a roof not only presses down, but in high winds pulls up.  It may take off in a hurricane or tornado, endangering people and property.  My son recommended deep concrete feet for the stanchions of a pavilion.  I could see he had the expertise of an engineer and the Weltanschauung (world-outlook) of a humanitarian.

We raise sons and daughters and hope they pick up enough good mentors to continue on the way we’ve started.  The college professors of today are not always those to continue this civilization, which rests on Judeo-Christian principles.

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