A few months ago I was sorely tempted to go against everything I’d been brought up to honor, and this morning was the day of revelation.  For a few lucid moments, I saw the consequences of that misstep on myself, the people involved, and my family.  I thanked the Holy Spirit for that momentary wisdom, and the temptation abated.  I was back to myself – maybe mischievous, but no longer bad.

We don’t always have that kind of insight, and if we do, it comes gradually, by degrees.  But we have to keep forging ahead, otherwise one fine morning we find ourselves in a predicament that we never foresaw.  The Creator has done a fine job of evolving the sapientia humanae, the human wisdom of the brain. Quite a step from our nearest relative, the gorilla.

Trusting in the being who has all the blue prints (the Creator) is a big step in an epiphany like this morning.

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