Universe’s Highest Point

As far as anybody knows, and I mean anybody living, the highest point of creation in this universe is the human mind.  Discounting all the doubtful accounts of extra-terrestrial life, we are left with the human mind, from its basic amygdala to its super-reasoning outer cortex and helpful five senses, not counting those mysterious instincts in a pinch.  The Creator must have known what he was doing through all those years of evolution – a being who would thank him for it and appreciate what He’d accomplished.

Look at the red oak leaves in my back yard.  Each leaf is slightly different from the other, yet all bear the distinctive features that differentiate them from the black oak leaves on the tree one hundred yards down the line.  So with the human minds.  Each is slightly different, but bears the characteristics of the national origin of its owner which mark it for life.

This is not saying that one is superior to the other, but because of its DNA one may be able to accomplish more than the other, given the right circumstances.

And who determines those circumstances through chance?  God.

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