Divine Retribution

Nobody can outdo God, the Father, in generosity.  Earlier in my life I made what was a mere gesture of generosity toward His Son.  It came to nothing, given my efficiency.

He returned that gesture by giving me a son whose generosity is proverbial.  I have friends, good people all, whose sons won’t speak to them.  Not only does my son give me a Father’s Day card that thanks me for the way I raised him, but he puts more than several hundred dollars in it to help me meet expenses.  If you ask me, he’s a brother of the Divine Son.

But watch out.  The way God does things you may not even notice.  I could have thought my son inherited all this; sure, sure, taking all the credit.  Or God may be returning a favor you did sixty years ago, as in my case.  How could I make the connection?

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