An Only Begotten Son

To me, what is amazing about my son, is that he outgrew me and began to take care of my old age after that became apparent.  He still listens to me, but more oft, I listen to him.  He looked at my bathroom and said, “We’re going to get you toilet risers.”  He got them on his i-phone in five minutes, they were delivered the following day and he installed them.  Fortunately, Loretta has a separate bathroom.

It’s one of the perks of an old age apartment, and we are blessed to have that.

People are reluctant to have children nowadays, forgetting they are God’s blessing in old age.  But you’d better raise them right.

Now Freddy is not an only son; he had two older brothers, both equally engaging.  But Freddy’s loss would cause a grief infinite, as of an only begotten son.

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