Shock Surprise

I’m getting great at losing things.  The last thing was my keys.  And before that, I lost my i-phone, a present from my son.  As  usual, I turned to the Holy Spirit for advice.  I told Freddy, and he suspended  the cell phone operation, with an option of renewing the subscription if the phone was found.

Today, I looked in the top drawer of my  bureau, and what did I see?  There they were, neatly side by side, my keys and cell phone.  I tried to reason how they got there.  Veronica, one of the cleaning ladies, had found the keys before, and though I didn’t tell her about the cell phone, she found it in a forsaken place, in my study with the keys, again, and put it where I’d find it.  It’s good to have honest help.

I try my darndest, what with dementia looming, and  I’m still grateful for our Judeo-Christian civilization.

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