India is suffering the aftereffects of a massive onslaught of the pandemic, with thousands of orphans potential victims to child abusers.  India once had a Mother Therese, and her followers are still doing good, but what are they among throngs of confused Hindus, with a leader of the same secular calling?  What I mean, are there any Hindu orphanages, hospitals, helping organizations?  The government has already failed on this one.

Western Civilization has not had its desired effects on India, according to my estimation.  Politically, India has made the mark, but culturally, it is still behind.  We, in the West, have failed too.  Look at Brazil!  Where are the people who sponsored that magnificent statue in Rio?  It is not right to look the other way, but what can you do with leadership like Brazil’s?

Humanity is what it is, but it doesn’t give up.  Mother Therese’s followers in Calcutta will continue their solitary and salutary way, and some day there’ll be measurable results.

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