A Plausible World

The water leak into our apartment continued as long as Bob upstairs had his air conditioner on.  It stopped when he turned it off.  The firm with whom we both had a contract did not seem able to determine the source of the leak, and let it go at that.  Well, I prayed about it, and decided to call some other AC company.  Abalene from Syosset sent the grandson, Eric, of its founder.  He had twenty years’ experience with air conditioners.

He got to the source right away.  He exposed the coils in Bob’s air conditioner, and machined open a rusted reservoir that was full and overflowing.  (It wasn’t supposed to be).  That was the leak!  The drainpipe couldn’t handle it.  That said, I thank the Holy Spirit!

I didn’t know who I was going to get when I struck off on my own.  But I believe we live in a created world that follows rules, and one of them says if the leak stops when the air-conditioner stops, chances are it’s the air-conditioner.

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