Able to Distinguish

Tonight I’m going to be an executioner, a killer, of some beautiful but dangerous creatures, the hornets in a nest.  I have the spectracide, and in twenty-four hours I’ll dispose of the paper nest (a wonderful creation).

I have some guilt for this operation, but by opening my front door, I disturb the guardians of the nest.  They should have chosen a better place, but how could they know?  How do I justify my behavior?  Judeo-Christians know that God gave them stewardship over the lower animals, and as long as they don’t abuse this right, they may do what they want.  I do want to protect my visitors from hornets’ stings, and in that respect I think I am right.

We have a remarkable Judeo-Christian, Western Civilization, and its benefits outweigh most of its liabilities.  Would you agree?

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