Time for Good-byes

He gave two of my teeth their last fillings.  Then I confessed I no longer drove my car—the safety of others demanded that.  I could not ask someone to drive from my North Shore home to Babylon for a dentist’s visit.  Dr. Stoessel had been my dentist for most of the time since I’d frequented Dr. Goldberg’s practice, assigned to me by the union.  Although I’m still a union member, I no longer have their insurance.

But the handshake he gave me indicated he understood that this was good-bye.  I now am in a new phase of my life (really the old phase) and many people I’m seeing for the last time.  As I said, it’s something new to me.

Most of these people have been loyal and good, and I am happy to see them on these terms one more time.  I also look forward to meeting the giver of these gifts of these people.

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