God and the Feminine

Someone close to me gave me a CD of the rosary, something I had  never seen before.  The rosary is recited just as a good Catholic would, and I followed in audio this prayer of the life of Jesus Christ, with highlights of his mother’s life.  It is a good alternative for those who wince at the masculine depiction of God.

I finished one rosary (five decades of Hail Marys) in fifteen minutes, whereas reciting it by myself usually takes forty-five minutes.  It is easier to meditate on the mysteries when somebody else recites the prayers and your mind follows.

Just why this prayer gained such popularity in the last five hundred years can be attributed to God, for the appearances of the Blessed Lady (Lourdes, Fatima, La Salette) have encouraged this form of prayer.  It is a prayer of our times, incorporating a Lady dear to Our Lord.

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