Happy Go Lucky Adults

We went looking for decorative Indian corn to decorate our doorway for the fall.  It wasn’t in the store yet, but the Christmas trees were all decorated already in one part of the store.  Will it or not, that is a big part of our year for believers and unbelievers alike.  It goes to show what kind of an impression that little child of Bethlehem had on the world, the western world in particular.

This year there is ample opportunity to do a good deed for Christmas, what with thousands of Haitians being forced to go back to their devastated homes, with tornado and flood victims still recovering and us struggling with a pandemic.  You know, there are countries where this light has not shone, and there’s nobody in a mood for a good deed or whatever.

We take our fresh water as it comes, and never ask about the source.  Happy go lucky kids is all we are.

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