Vacation Travel Here

Egypt had a revolution in 2011, and it was put down by the military, if I recall correctly.  But the Muslim Brotherhood retained its power, and the country still struggles under the sway of Islam.

But right here in Woodbury is a cause for joy.  St. Mark’s Coptic Church is holding an Egyptian festival, which, if it is anything like the recent ones, is, beside its historic display of the pyramids, a gastronomic delight of Egyptian foods, made under the care of parishioners who are Egyptian natives.

If you’re looking for foreign travel and delights, they are right here in the USA, in Woodbury, where it is safe, and you can be home in a matter of minutes.  The kids would love to visit the land of Cleopatra, the pyramids, their tombs, and see camels enroute.  Go!

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