Terrors of Life

Raising three boys was perhaps the second most exciting part of my life.  The first was teaching.  But I remember that on the 4th of July they, one year, found diversion in taking ordinary fire crackers, slicing them open with a razor blade, and making bigger fire crackers, what they called M-4s.

I was kept ignorant of these goings-on, but one day, as I was going into our basement to my work bench, I met Paul coming up in a hurry.  I noticed a piece of pipe in his hand, and curious about his doings these last few days, I questioned him on it.

Now I was always honest with my boys, and they in turn were always honest with me.  He said he was making a bigger firecracker.  I looked at the piece of plumbing in his hand.  As an adult, I would call it a pipe-bomb.  I gently told him I would keep that piece of pipe.

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