Juan Diego

Call me Juan Diego.  He is the acolyte of the Virgin of Guadalupe, an advocate of indigenous and Hispanic Americans who attracts more people to her site outside Mexico City than any of the world’s religious shrines, regardless of denomination.  Thanks to the prayers of Juan Diegos like me, Communism has not gained the upper hand in the Americas (good-bye Karl Marx and Bernie Sanders).

All it takes is a rosary, that prayer advanced in Fatima, Portugal, for the peace of the world since World War II.  But we’re a reluctant generation, and a doubting one, compared to the Bolsheviks.  Let’s join the millions of Americans, north and south, who still pray.

If you’re not a Juan Diego, or a Therese of Lisieux, know that Juan Diego is now St. Juan Diego, with St.Therese of Lisieux

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