A farmer of an alpine region of Switzerland (Valais) was recently consoled by the media for serving several short periods in jail for growing cannabis.  Poor child.  He has probably never read a book about the vicissitudes of life.  Some people never develop the addiction to cannabis; others, sometimes fatally, do.

My oldest son, Greg, acquired the addiction in high school.  It didn’t seem to phase him and he finished college to acquire a job as a research chemist for what was then an adjunct to Pfizer.  He did his short-lived work then; discovering seven versions of rapamycin, the drug for recipients of donated organs.  But the devil doesn’t rest.  He was fired for his addiction, and later died a suicide.  Grow cannabis, eh Mr. farmer?

If a doctor prescribes it, that’s a different case.  Someone knows the risks, not a poor farmer.

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