A Kind Deed

Four fraudulent charges on my credit card, and the fourth was a legitimate charge, but I, in the haze of old age, didn’t recognize it.  When I did, I tried to get back to the credit card company to correct it, but was already too late; all I got was to be put on hold.  I waited about fifteen minutes to try another phone number.  I had no way of knowing how long that hold would be.

Along came a lady operator, who grasped my predicament immediately, and though she couldn’t shorten the wait, at least she had some idea of how long it would take, and offered to wait with me.  I was grasping at straws, so I said yes. 

She kept her word, and before long I had settled the dispute and the charity was not disparaged.  She must have been showered by graces from heaven, besides my thanks, for her kind deed.

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