Excelsior (Higher)

Glenn Beck has come out with a new book, The Great Reset, and it has sold out in the Manhasset Barnes & Noble.  I’ll report on it in a few weeks.  In the meantime, I’ll concern myself with the big reset I’ll soon be facing, the reset of my values as I face eternity in one form or another.

I’ve tried to keep my values in line with those of the Great Redeemer, who spared no detail in seeing that I got his message.  Knowing how I did is a little like knowing my credit rating—some of the transactions may not have been to my benefit.  But there’s always Hope.

If it were not for hope the human heart would break.  We are weak since we evolved from where Nature was tantamount, and the laws of God are superNatural.  But we have help; on that I’m relying.

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