Brookhaven Cyclotron

Brookhaven Labs has begun a two billion dollar construction on what it calls an RHIC (collider) similar to CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.  It will put the US in the forefront of nuclear research in the area of human and material composition.  I find it easier to call it a cyclotron, which means a circular collider.  It will be 2.7 miles in diameter (CERN’s is 5.4 miles), and have an 8.5 mile circumference.

The famed Higgs boson is one of the particles discovered by CERN, a particle that I had hoped would establish a relationship between the spiritual and the material, since it is so immaterial.  We now know that what it does is give weight to any atoms that possess it.

Basically what the Brookhaven collider will do is hurl tiny electrons at larger nuclei, so scientists can search the debris for clues to what makes up our atoms besides protons, neutrons, quarks and gluons.  See you in a world that has Higgs bosons.

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