You probably think that this old teacher has gone into his dotage, writing about our Judeo-Christian Civilization, and of Jesus Christ as the great changer of that civilization.  Well, now hear this!  In the Syosset Class of ’21, there are thirteen Merit Scholars—eleven of them are Chinese and two are Indian.  Scientists who classify intelligence by race say the Chinese are the smartest.  Why was China not the first to put a man on the moon?  Why was Western Civilization the foremost in technological invention?  What civilization invented the electric light?  The telephone?

The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind—the Judeo-Christian morality that Jesus taught changed our civilization so that we’d help one another.  We’d put less emphasis on worldly success and reach for heaven.  Even the Russian astronauts tried to say heaven is not up there.  They didn’t know, but it starts within us.  Thank you, Jesus Christ.

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