The Reason for Love

Some scientists admit that when all the Quantum and Newtonian causes are done in our minds, we have free will.  Isn’t that the end purpose of our evolution?  That we give, freely, our love, praise and abilities to others and our Creator?  Otherwise, what’s the sense of creating us, if not to bring joy to our peers and Creator?  I mean, it doesn’t take an eight cylinder brain to figure that one out.

Western Civilization has had some great thinkers, some of then the modern secular commentators don’t dare mention.  I mean thinkers like St. Augustine, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. John the Apostle, and others.  (I will say the physicist Brian Greene shows a surprising familiarity with them.)  They believed in a God who John said is Love.  I love simple statements, such as Einstein coined, and that statement got to me.

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