Where can I find truth?  Some people have an agenda, and they boast that I will find truth with them.  I have followed humble people, not necessarily wealthy people (as a matter of fact, they have renounced wealth and fame.)  And through them I came upon the great thinkers of the past, most of whom can only point.  They point to a man who lived up to the prophecies of the Jewish bible, what we call the Old Testament.

Some say he was crazy to do that.  It is too impossible.  And it involves death.   Yet he rose from the dead as he predicted.  Now if anyone did that, you’d know about it.  I mean, word would get around.  And it did.  The result is that all of Europe came to believe it, and we had the gradual changing of Western Civilization to what we have today.

I’m kind of impressed with a story like that.  I believe in a Creator, God, and he called himself the Son of God.  And his followers usually stick to the truth that I can verify.  That’s what science usually does.  I follow science as much as I can, at least until the scientists get confused—and that can happen.  But I, too, am human, I make my decisions, and consider myself a brother to the Son of God.

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