Dear God

Dear God,

This is one of my occasional letters to you celebrating a special occasion, this a trip to Long Island’s East End.  We were received so happily and coordinately.

To begin with, we stopped at a farm stand off Exit 69 and I had in mind to get one of their home-baked pies.  I chose a blueberry pie with crumb topping, without even opening the cover to look at it.  When I brought it up to the counter the farm girl waiting on us said, “Twenty twenty-five.”

I mean, it was a heavy pie but for me it didn’t warrant that price, sight unseen.  I fumbled in my wallet and could only come up with a twenty dollar bill.  I laid it on the counter; she took it and said, “That’s it.”

When we got home, what a surprise.  It turned out to be the most delicious blueberry pie we’d ever tasted.  In my ignorance you (God) had rewarded me.

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