I was derided as a believer “in Santa Claus” for my faith when I was young.  Let me now weigh the results on my critic’s scale.  Of course, neither of us will possess anything, since you can’t take it with you.  But I’ll have lived among the children of God, making mostly loyal friends who didn’t count my possessions.  My wife remained true, my friends forgiving, and I had the spiritual (mental) rewards and consolations of faith when we both faced the adversities that come to all.

He, on the other hand, if he turned down all the comforts offered to those who sometimes say yes to faith, had the stress of achieving comforts the unbeliever must have.  He had the plethora of friends who are in it for gain, the friendship of those who didn’t care one dot for his welfare except for how it affected them.  If he lived his beliefs, he died alone.

What can I say but a prayer for his soul?

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