Summer Jobs

A teacher usually needs a summer job to make ends meet–a married teacher definitely. One of the jobs I had was teaching swimming as a camp counselor to a class of three-year-old boys.

Nathan was afraid of the water, and he put on his bathing suit reluctantly. I started off by teaching him to float, both face down and face up. Then came the crawl strokes, and learning to turn his head up so he could breathe. It could be made fun by letting him try to catch me as I evaded him on my legs in the hip-deep water. By the end of the summer he and the others were confident and at ease in the learning waters. Then came the wondrous day when he tried the deep water.

You sometimes wonder what kind of memory you form on a child that young. When he swims later on in life, will he remember “Uncle Fred” who gave him his start?

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