There are people knocking on our Southern door, begging to get into a country where they can find work, get an education, and acquire some of the finer things of life.  Sure, while they may be uneducated, they are members of Western Civilization, not people who have to be taught the rudiments of civilization.  Are there criminals among them?  There are criminals among whatever mix of humanity you can find.  There are criminals among your Park Ave. residents.

            I say welcome them.  You don’t have to give them citizenship right away.  Let them work for it, like my father did.  They’ll be grateful for it; they learned gratitude with their mother’s milk.

            We cannot keep the world’s benefits without sharing, without mercy, without spreading them.  And they have learned from us to grow into Nobel laureates, inventors, artists, leaders.  No Castros, no Maduros from the U.S. taught immigrants. Most people revere their teachers.

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