It was 102 years ago, in a place ninety miles from the country’s capital, Lisbon, Portugal (I was caught there in 1942, sliding on the banister of the stairs in the American Embassy).  The government in Portugal in 1917 on October 13 was Marxist, and because the newspapers had inadvertently publicized the scheduled miracle by criticizing it and making fun of it, the entire side of the mountain at Fatima was covered with 70,000 citizens.  Thus the setting of the Miracle of the Sun, performed by the Almighty for the mother of his Son.

            Witnesses from the 70,000 said although it had rained for hours that morning, and everyone was soaked, the sun suddenly broke through the clouds, spinning like a pinwheel and exuding all the colors of the spectrum, which dotted all the spectators with gules of light.  It seemed to dip within about 500 meters of them all, and when it returned to its place in the sky, their clothes and the ground were dry.  This was witnessed by people within a 400 square mile area, even those who were not attending on Fatima mountain.

            Some scientists who saw it said it was a mass hypnosis or collective suggestion, which in English translates to “mass hysteria.”  Mass hysteria for 70,000 people, some of whom turned purposely away?

            Well anyway, we’re commemorating that day in Syosset.

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