The three childreln continued to meet skepticism, even from the parish priest. But they looked forward to the monthly meetings with the beautiful lady, and she finally told them she’d have God perform a miracle to convince unbelievers and reveal who she was. Oct. 13th was the day predicted, and when word got out, there came 70,000 skeptics and believers, a real human mixture, to that mountain top in Fatima. It was the 13th of October, and the mountain meadow was drenched with soaking rains.

The children approached the customary tree, which had already been despoiled of some of its branches by souvenir hunters. The beautiful lady spoke to them, and the crowd could see the children’s lips move as they spoke to what was invisible to the crowd.

Suddenly, the dark clouds above revealed a bright, sun-like light that began to spin and give off the rays of the spectrum, whose myriad colors dotted the clothes of the onlookers. The faux sun swooped down as if to annihilate the spectators. The whole performance lasted about twelve minutes, causing many to cry out,”It’s the end of the world,” or “Lord, forgive me my sins.”

The light then receded into the place of the sun, which had appeared at a rent in the darkness above. Everyone was amazed–their soaking wet clothes had suddenly become dry, and the mud on which they stood was caked and solid.

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