Being Aware

How little of life is there of which we are conscious! Today they buried the husband of an agreeable agent, whom I had told was number one of the realtors who would sell our house, and having forgotten that promise, Loretta and I gave the house sale to another realtor. I am certainly an impulsive character.

But I’m working on it. I didn’t dare go to the wake, lest her daughter connect me with that lost sale. Some people don’t realize the power of prayer (that’s another part of our unconsciousness), but I think I compensated her with wishes (prayers) for things she would have missed but for me. Yes, how does my son, or I, know what I provided through prayer? A skeptic would say nothing was thus provided! But in a world where quantum mechanics rules, how would that skeptic disprove me?

I try to be honest with myself and others. I am not an absolute materialist; I know there are other dimensions to this world. Fatima was one of them. I believe children can’t make up a story that 70,000 witnesses will corroborate. I chose most of the route through life that I took. But oh, so little was my doing!

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