What do we know?

So my son aced the SATs. So he won a merit scholarship. So he gained free access to the University of Pennsylvania. Do I know that as another eternal free gift I am a citizen of Western Civilization?

This morning Loretta and I decided to take a car trip to New England. I had a hurried breakfast so we could see the fall foliage, and while it took some time before we were that far north, come lunch time I was hungry. I’m a teacher, and frugal by custom, so we decided to stop off at McDonald’s at a place we had visited before near Kent, Connecticut. It was closed for renovations.

Now we live in one of the world’s most advanced civilizations, and in that place this is not a catastrophe. I told Loretta surely there was another adequate eatery nearby, and what do you know, up came a Dunkin Donuts’. She found an egg, cheese and sausage croissant plus a Coke, and I found an English muffin with egg, ham and cheese plus a medium sized coffee. With plenty of coffee left over, I tried an apple fritter. It was better than an apple turnover. Lunch for two, only $15.00. Is that a gift from God or what?

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