Who got us to call Yahweh “Our Father”? Well, he’s certainly proved to be that with my granddaughter, Ilana. As she was growing up, I offered to teach her how to swim. I’d had success with teaching four-year-old boys at Rolling Hills Day Camp, but Ilana’s mother, a great daughter-in-law, wanted a program. The results were visible last week.

Ilana placed first in a four style medley in Yonkers. It was butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, free style (Australian crawl), and while she fell behind on the butterfly, a power breaststroke, she surpassed the field beginning with the backstroke. She came in number one! Her earthly father, my son Fred, was busy providing for her stay-at-home mom through his self-chosen Pergola business. He’s trying to imitate his heavenly father, not his workaday earthly one!

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