That Wrong Word

Have you ever said the absolutely wrong thing? The human brain is an amazing instrument, and that explains why it takes us so long to grow up. A race horse is on its feet a few minutes after birth, and is on the Belmont race track a couple of years after that. But the human brain takes about twenty years to reach maturity.

And even then it may run astray–just momentarily or for its life goal. We know people who somehow fouled up–Joseph Stalin, Friedrich Nietzsche, etc.–long after they matured. We may say they were evil, but they still have their followers. Then there’s the magic moment when you made your gaffe. She never spoke to you again.

What caused that? Maybe your thinking had been on the wrong track, and the mind (the mind is the result of the brain) just uttered what it had been dwelling on. Anyway, it’s to provide for those moments that God gave the world so many beautiful people. You get another chance.

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