Thanks to Whom?

The Pilgrims, who started our Thanksgiving, of course gave thanks to God, and probably to Chief Massasoit and his Indians for, getting down to the nitty gritty, the corn and the meat (turkeys, according to tradition). But whom do our secularized fellow citizens thank?

Let’s hope they don’t just eat up. It seems that Newton taught us that everything that is or moves has a cause, and there’s a cause to Thanksgiving too, as the Pilgrims deduced. The ancient Hebrew writers wrote of “I AM WHO AM,” the name God gave himself, implying a person or entity who always is (present tense) and is always with us. If he’s the ultimate cause, he ought to be thanked.

Now don’t blame God for everything. Humans were given a role in creation, and while they did some positive things, there are other things for which nobody thanks them. But do thank those who gave you even the least.

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