The Other Student

I like to write about successful past students, like former Congressman Steve Israel, but sometimes I mention the other student. There’s one in Sing-Sing (the penitentiary) and they all go to my heart, especially Penelope (not her real name). She has young children, and recently her husband divorced her — she’d been unfaithful. She is now in a mental ward, repeating again and again, “Will no man have me?”

There’s not much I can do at the distance I am from her, but I do believe in the power of prayer. This is one prayer I want answered (and I’ve had many prayers granted — not always the way I wanted). It matters not to me how many rosaries it takes (my favorite form of prayer), but that pretty young woman has to be helped.

She has to find a way to recover and raise those children. God gives us so many chances in this, our Western Civilization. An educated woman like she can get a job, can find a kind husband, can find dozens of people who will help. Sounds too easy? You haven’t seen prayer at work.

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