The Man

I am now reading A Warning, by Anonymous. Of course, I knew Donald Trump had his flaws, egregious ones, but I was hoping that they would turn out OK, like the “flaws” of Jesus Christ.

No such thing, so far. The worst is the retreat from Syria. We turned the volatile Middle East over to the Syrian dictator, to Russia, Turkey and ISIS.

Donald Trump became President by the grace of God (many Catholics voted for him) and he has done his job. Finis. We just have to make sure we don’t vote for somebody who’ll undo all the good he’s done.

In this season of hope, may God continue to bless this country for the sake of the good people who still populate it, and overlook their being spoiled. May he lay the foundation of the 2020 election victory, as he did last time, and may our “mistakes” turn out well as they did for Jesus Christ. Life is full of wonders.

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